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The INJECT+MATIC Microinjector was designed for the microinjection of DNAs, RNAs and other substance into eukaryotic cells and Xenopus oocytes. Read more

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The simplicity of manipulation and its high reliability allow the microinjection of any biological sample into living cells, oocytes, as well as other applications in biotechnology.

The INJECT+MATIC Microinjector exerts a constant and regular pressure during an appropriate fraction of time, thus allowing the transfer of a constant and controlled volume in every injection providing a good cell viability.

The INJECT+MATIC Microinjector is an independent instrument which does not require any pressure or vacuum supply. It contains a block with a pressure pump and a vacuum pump under electronic control.

The INJECT+MATIC Microinjector contains an inner pressure generator which is regulated by an electronic program to ensure the accuracy of the sample volume microinjected.

Structure in metal.

Measurements: width 350mm | height 110mm | depth: 200mm.

Price: 7445CHF. Our prices are in Swiss franc; we can establish a quotation on request in any currency, including transportation costs.

Terms of sale: Indicative prices subject to change without notice. Freight&Handling Charges are not included.