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Sleeper TAS

Sleeper TAS
tankless anesthesia system generator
Sleeper pistol
Transparent ring, plexiglass
Inject+Matic Sleeper TAS
Inject Matic Sleeper TAS
Inject+Matic Pistol for Sleeper ​
Inject+Matic Pedal for Sleeper
Inject+Matic Flowbed for Sleeper
Inject+Matic ring for flowbed
Sleeper TAS
Sleeper TAS
Sleeper TAS
Sleeper TAS pistol
Inject+Matic Pedal for Sleeper
Inject+Matic Flowbed for Sleeper
Inject+Matic ring for flowbed
Sleeper TAS
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Sleeper TAS

The INJECT + MATIC Sleeper TAS is an the optimum combination of the ability of the Sleeper to anaesthetize drosophila and the autonomy of the TAS (Tankless Anaesthesia System) to generate nitric oxide (NO) or anaesthesia NO-gas. Read more

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This instrument does not need any external source of gas. Only the electric source is required for its utilization. The INJECT + MATIC Sleeper TAS is specially designed for the laboratories not equipped with CO2 installation and for the use in teaching classes.

The INJECT + MATIC Sleeper TAS is a unique device that generates nitric oxide (NO) in concentration of 400 ppm from the air ambient. This Sleeper Gas containing NO has proven to be as reliable and safe as CO2 in anaesthetizing drosophila. This device can replace CO2 anaesthesia thus eliminating the costly and burdensome CO2 tanks and installation (See publication number 2). The NO gas is pulsed under the control of a foot pedal-switch directed to a flowbed or a hand-held pistol both included in the basic unit of the device.

Toxicology tests performed in laboratory demonstrate that the concentration of NO being able to be inhaled by the researcher during the use of INJECT + MATIC Sleeper TAS for drosophila anaesthesia are very low (<1-2 ppm) because NO is a highly volatile gas that rapidly combines with air ambient.

Structure in metal.

Technical data: width 125mm | height 65mm | depth: 205mm | weight: 1,400 kg | supply voltage: 240v AC or 110v

Price: 1690CHF. Our prices are in Swiss franc; we can establish a quotation on request in any currency, including transportation costs.

Terms of sale: Indicative prices subject to change without notice. Freight&Handling Charges are not included.

INJECT + MATIC Sleeper TAS ® does not need any source of gas but only an electrical connection to generate anaesthetic gas (NO).

This instrument is specially designed for laboratories which are not equipped with CO2 and for teaching.

1. In the front panel: Flow bed and Pistol should be connected by plastic tubing to their respective gas outlet as indicated in the picture.
2. In the rear panel: electric cable and switch pedal for flow bed gas outlet
3. Verify if tubing of flowbed and pistol are correctly connected.
4. Plug the INJECT+MATIC Sleeper TAS® to the electrical outlet of 220V and press the red button at the left to switch on.
5. The device does not produce any noise or eventually an intermittent low noise
6. Press the switch pistol to bring the gas through the pistol. When the pistol is switched for 10 seconds, the gas is inside the fly tube to have its effect as anaesthesia which can take longer than CO2

Do not use pistol switch longer than 20 seconds

7. We suggest keeping anaesthetised flies inside the tube to prolong the effect of the anaesthesia before moving flies to the flowbed.
8. Push the switch pedal, not longer than 20 seconds. An internal noise is produced, and the gas is coming through the flowbed which can be covered during gas arrival

CAUTIONS: the device should operate intermittently for periods of time not exceeding one minute and the workplace well ventilated